-3 Day Walk

Cherry Sweig

Finish-line greetings

from a happy 3DAY Walker!

  All I can say is 'wowowowow'. The 3DAY-  what a thrill it was!  I am a bit overwhelmed, exhausted and just totally spent.  I can barely think as I'm typing this! Its also my second day of recovery and I cant walk very well- if at all. Every muscle is like jello. Its time for the Chinese foot reflexology today!!!

FIRST of all- who won my artwork?   Richard Adams, of Mission Viejo!!!!!    Plus 13 others won the 8x10" reprints on watercolor paper....chosen by my teammates.

I raised $12,525....and was one of the top fundraisers for the walk- and I’m speechless about THAT....                                       A BIG THANKS to every one who helped me!!!

Okay- so how was THE WALK?

OH MY.  I cant BELIEVE I walked that far!!  SEE the map ....

So YES, I did it! Every step of the way, 60 miles and more- as we had several detours off the route for this and that...it all added up to at least an extra three miles to the adventure.

AND I have some wonderful new friends- fellow  BABES 4 BOOBS teammates that were my inspiration, in so many many many ways-as sisters, angels and nurses... three came from Long Island, NY-the rest were So Cal galz-

 Pix will get posted asap- I took photo after photo from all 13 of us squeezing into a van for the ride up to the opening ceremony at the Del Mar Fairgrounds- to the finish line a Petco Park and the closing ceremonies.

I must say I have some favorite memories...

-ALL of the random cheerleaders:

.... especially the San Jose Police Officers...OMG- they were my saviors!!   I could not have done this without them...

at least a dozen+ riding on street bikes in packs of three with ipod speakers blasting dancing music...they wore black shorts and pink shirts and showed up whenever and 

wherever I really needed them for a dance or a hug or a 'Come on Baby, you can do it!' with a motion that made me blush...

.....the grateful Breast cancer survivors dressed up in silly costumes...cheering... coaching us...

.....ALL 3day crew members...you’d be amazed at their goodwill!

....and even the teary-eyed lone people that showed up..                just to thank us.

I was thanked so many times, it became a chant....Thank you for walking. Thank you for walking Thank you for walking Thank you for walking...

Oh and then there's some war wounds to show...  ;)

I'm loosing two toenails, where there's blisters under blisters under the nails...not one blister showed up during training, until my second day of the walk- and  I was blessed with two whoppers- which were surgically attended to twice- ouch!!!!!!!

Would I do it again? Well, probably not- as I attend to my wounds and relish the heartfelt, tear-jerking memories...I’m thinking about joining the cheerleading escapades from the sidelines next time with Buddy and Lucas dressed up as pink ballerinas....

       OR... I 'm waiting for another  life-challenging experience to invite me in...and  I'll take it on!!!



       Thank You!!!!     



100 & 102 Pat Sullivan                                          103 & 104 Linda Pintarell                      105-110  Sweig Contracting                                                                        111 & 112   Sara Smith                                                             113 & 114 Linda Doll                                                                      115   Dallas Sweig                                               116-120  Ankeney Bros Painting                                                                                           121 & 122 Anthony Salvo                                                                                              123  Jeff & Yvonne Adams                                                124  Sam & Linda Bressler                                                 125  Sharon Bailey                                                 126-129 Gordie & Louie Zimm                                                                                                        130  Dorothy Harvey                                                 131-135 Christie Electric                                                                                               136 & 137  Connie & Terry Lingren                                                                                                     138 & 139  Ehmcke Sheet Metal                                                                                               140    Laura Custis                                              141-145   Jane Marks                                                                                                     146 & 147  Casias Contsruction                                                                                             148  & 149  Dawn Frank                                                                                                  150  Lexa & Chuck Finley                                                     151& 152 Robert Woods                                                       153 & 154 Ken Yasuda                                                               155 The Schavrien Family                                                                  WINNING NUMBER!!!   161!!!            161 -165 Richard Adams                            166 & 167 Kyle Pearson                              168 Sue Miller                                      169 & 170 Joan Palmer                                                                  171-180  M. Potter: Raymond Co.                                                                       181-183 Joanie Nasher                                                         184 Connie Buffington                          185 Dr Velk                                        186- 205  Karin Young                                                206-305  THE LIPIN FOUNDATION (WOW)                                              306 Cindy Moore                                                 307-310   San Diego Concrete                                                311-314 Sherwood Mechanical                                                  315 Barbara & Ray McDermott                                                316-317 Jan Croft                                                  318 & 319 Ken Davis                                                                                             320 & 321 Campbell                              322 & 323 Don Welter                  324-328 Patrice Fuchs                           329 & 330 Todd & Mari Gutschow         331 & 332 Tom & Sharon James            333 Karen McGaw                                             334 & 335 Southcoast Waterproof  336-338 Karee Barker              339,340,341 Brothers Custom Sash       342 & 343 Liz Spier                        344-348 Progressive Steel Fabricators    349 The Tayek Family                           350 & 351 Todd & Mari Gutschow


Goal:  $8,000.00
Achieved so far ...


Donators/Raffle #’s

(13  Watercolor Print Winners in Blue) 

My trainers: Buddy & Lucas      with the raffle prize...


Babes 4 Boobs at kick-off dinner last week:(left to right) Randi, Lori, Lili, Cherry, Liz, Val, Deb, Ann, and Pam...  Four more are coming from New York!

BABES 4 BOOBS 08:   (L TO R)  Val  W. , Pam F., Cherry S., Deb K., Liz P.,  Lili H., Stephanie S., Roxanne C., Ann S., Randi P., Karen S., Lori T., and Virginia... on the phone!

WINNING NUMBER!!!                       161                       Richard Adams