Cherry Sweig

“Le Tour Eiffel”  20 x 30” Canvas


“There is nothing really like painting on a large canvas in acrylic paints...even though there is so much to love about oils and watercolors, acrylics are forgiving and allow for corrections through the ease of control with a water-based medium that dries quickly.  I choose to paint with them when I need to use special effects or drying time is an issue.  They can also create the fluid results of watercolors on a larger scale and are extremely permanent.

  These artworks represent a studio collection of imagery inspired by travel, man’s best friends (pets of all kinds), abstract themes, and memories......”


“Ying Yang Koi”

20 x 30” Canvas

“Lascaux’s Fortune”

48 x 56” Canvas...$2,000

“You Name It”

20 x 30” Canvas 

$ 400.
“Imagine a Dream”  20 x 30” Canvas  ...$ 600.

“King Tut’s Alabaster Ladies” 48x 48” Canvas

“Galleria Milano”  20 x 30” Canvas  ..$ 850.

“Chefren and Cheops” 48x 48” Canvas