Bishop’s Through the Decades

Cherry Sweig

#1: under the pine trees on the quad,  Sept. 17 .

#2: the new and old libraries,  on Sept. 19


  Alumna, Cherry Adams Sweig, ‘74, painted 20 artworks featuring a theme of  The Bishop’s School through its 106 years, since 1909.  10 will were painted on location,  “En Plein Air” and 10 were studio paintings.  Original oils on canvas,  Cherry’s artworks  illustrate the school’s architecture, tradition, student memories and local La Jolla sites conveying a visual dialog between then and now.

  In November, 10 students were chosen to participate with Cherry in the art exhibition by creating 2 works of art each, to follow the theme.

This is a fundraising event. Proceeds

raised will be donated to a scholarship fund for Art History travel.  Cherry dedicates these artworks to Dr Otto A. Mower, who instilled in her the quest of world travel.

“Meet the Artists” Event:  March 24  2015  

Venue: The Bishop’s School, Alumni Boardroom

Gallery Showing:  Remaining artworks will be shown and available for purchase in Gilman Hall through May 29, 2015.

  Exhibition is an engaging Self Guided Tour, where the viewer will be lead by numbered art descriptions.



Visit Cherry’s blog for more info.



 AN ART EXHIBITION BY ALUMNA                           Cherry Sweig & Visual Arts Students

As a ‘Visiting Artist’, I shared my ‘Plein Air Painting’ techniques and equipment with the Visual Arts classes: Sept 30, Oct 1.

They mixed paint on my glass palette to get a feel for working with a palette knife. 

I brought my travel paintbooks to illustrate how I capture the memories of my travels and plan for larger paintings.

#3: From Gilman archway, on Oct. 5

Classes under the pines....on Oct. 8 & 9

    We brought the easels out to the quad to paint on October 8 & 9th.  I was amazed how they naturally enjoyed painting in the open air.

10 second videos:

SEE the Artworks at Bishop’sThe_Ark_%26_Artist.html