Traveling Exhibit:

“COAST 22”    

Cherry Sweig

“There’s something magical about the California coastline...  after travels throughout the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Hawaii and South Africa...            my very own local coastline always touches the heart like none-other.

This ‘peek’ into my new series on the California Coastline is a sampling of the final 22 oil artworks....”

Montecito: “Butterfly Beach Mist”... 9 x 12 ”Oil

                                                                        Featuring 22  California Coastal venues, this traveling exhibition is the collection of Plein Air artworks by San Diego Artist, Cherry Sweig.                                                  Painted in the 18th Century  French style of ‘Plein Air’, (meaning to work in the open air)   each piece was created outdoors on location to capture the true atmosphere and natural colors. The challenge of chasing the light and shadows combined with the thrill of the scenario draws the artist to paint in the open air again and again....

     From original oils, to watercolors and pastels, each scene will have a location photo, companion wildlife artwork and artist’s statement describing how the painting was inspired by the mood of the day. Twenty-two is the artist’s favorite number.                                                Target Opening Date: July 2012


Laguna Beach: “Heisler Park Looking North...           11 x 14” Oil

Little Corona: “Sunset before Pizza”...                     9 x 12” Oil

La Jolla      “The Jewel”...          9 x 12” Oil

Laguna Beach: “Heisler Park Looking South”...        9x 12” Oil

La Jolla Cove: “Crush”.....Watercolor  22 x 28”

Originating at the Chula Vista Nature Center, this show will also highlight a ‘companion’  wildlife artwork endemic to that region: such as: the Flying Fish from Catalina Island, the Blue Heron from Santa Barbara- to the Light footed Clapper Rail from the Sweetwater National Wildlife Refuge.

Sunset Cliffs: “Big Wave Wednesday”...9x12” Oil

Crystal Cove: “Five White Umbrellas”..                     11 x 14” Oil

La Jolla Cove Series...

Artist’s Statement:

Catalina Island: “Bye Bye Clouds”...                          9x 12” Oil

“As fast as the clouds moved in, they were gone. I worked quickly to capture the radiant light as it reflected off the boats and the mystic casino.”

Coastal Venue List: (in the works)

Location                                                            Endemic Wildlife                               

1) Tijuana Estuary

2) Chula Vista Nature Center/                                                                        Sweetwater National Wildlife Refuge            Light Footed Clapper Rail

3) Sunset Cliffs, San Diego                               Pelican

4) La Jolla Children’s Pool                                Seal

5) La Jolla Cove                                                  Garibaldi

6) Torrey Pines State Park                                Green Back Heron

7) Dana Point

8) Laguna Beach

9) Crystal Cove State Park

10) Catalina Island

11)  Santa Barbara

12)  Morro Bay

13) Pismo Beach

14) Big Sur

15) Asilomar State Beach

16) Monterey State Park                                    Sea Otter

17) Santa Cruz

18) Half Moon Bay

19) Del Mar

20) Bodega Bay

21) Carlsbad

22) Mendacino

Torrey Pines