Cherry Sweig

(gyo=fish, taku=imprint by hand)

Prounounced: “Ghee-oh  tah-ku” an ancient Japanese technique

where an inked impression is made onto rice paper directly from an actual fish, shell, flower or insect.  Since the early 1800’s, Samurai fishermen were the first to develop this method and it has since grown into a celebrated artform worldwide.


  The Technique:


“Striped Marlin Splash”  45 x 58”  Canvas     $1500.00

  This “E-portfolio” represents twenty years of devotion to the fine art of Gyotaku.  I am currently exploring other art mediums and have a selection of art set aside that  are the last of this series.  .

Please contact me regarding and questions or how to view the art in person.

  You can also see a special collection               of Gyotaku artworks available at the                       Chula Vista Nature Center...                          by going to the link at the top of this page... 

“The eyes are my signature as every artist has their very own personal style   that captures the soul of the fish.”

2) Rice paper is laid over the subject                                    and impressed softly  by hand.

3) Paper is lifted to reveal a mirrored image of the subject.

         My “CHOP” Signatures:                                                                                    Gyotaku artists typically sign their art by stamping with an ideographic symbol or respect for the artform and its heritage.   It can be a name, a poem or a thought....These are some examples of my chop collection which are imprints made from carved characters on a stone. It is an artform in itself.




Pacific Coast

“Grand Cayman Serenade”  24 x 24”  $ 600.00
“Great White”  60x 120” ............. $ 2500.00

Anything with Wings

Can you believe I had a Great White shark on my front lawn?  Can you believe we drove down the freeway with its tail hanging over the edge of the truck?

This 150lb female shark was caught by mistake in a fisherman‘s gil net off the Oceanside coast...and delivered to Birch Aquarium to study, who later gave it to me to print...

I made six tapestry-style artworks, one of which hangs on display at the aquarium...with four remaining in my studio.

The Chula Vista             Nature Center                                             

CLICK here to see more...or visit the artworks in person at this renowned nature center that showcases my only        on-going Gyotaku display!Living_Coast_Discovery_Center.html

1) Paint is applied to the subject.

“Dorado in Blue”  24 x 36”   ..... on single sheet light Blue Unryu rice paper ...


Limited Editions...  From the best of my artworks...                   Choose from 4  themes ....   click on images


SPECIAL STUDIO SALE : click here to see artworks ...

B) GYOTAKU: Dragonfly, “Flora & Flight”

   Images of the natural world are echoed into fine art through this original art technique:

  Oil paint is applied to both sides of actual wings of dragonflies and flowers in multi-levels of color with silk daubers.

  The subjects are placed between two sheets of water-soaked 100% cotton rag paper. Various layers of the art paper, felt, wax paper and a wooden base make up a hand-made “Stomp Press”.

  Imprints are made by carefully stepping on the press. The results are two artworks, mirror images...and an relief/embossed effect from the weight on the press.   Its a REAL conversation piece!

   ... Ready to frame.... Flexible sizes available: Use this a s guide:

B-1  8 x 10"...   One Dragonfly + floral background

B-2 11 x 14".... Two Dragonflies (or more Florals + floral  background