La Jolla Secret Garden Tour 2016
Cherry Sweig

Ryford Library Exhibit: until June 17.

Prices include a 20%

Donation to La Jolla Historical Society

“ Pride of La Jolla”      9x12”      $ 750.00       

     Oil on Belgium Linen Canvas

“Jeweled Oasis ”      9x12”            750.00

      Oil on Belgium Linen Canvas

       “Enchanted Dream”                  8x16”            800.00

      Oil on Belgium Linen Canvas

      “Hummingbird Charmed”        12x12”            $ 500.00        

        Oil on Canvas, with Gold Leaf Edge Gallery Wrap

     “Wisteria Waterfall”                  12x48”                   $  1500.00    

         Oil on Canvas with  Gold Painted Edge Gallery Wrap

La Jolla Secret Garden Tour’s

Choice for Next Year’s Promotion Art:

  “My first visit to the Platinum Garden inspired the vision for this painting.  As the owner walked us through the meandering paths and steps,  I looked back and saw the light cascading through the Pride of Madeira.   I returned to my studio to sketch the idea and prepare the canvas with a metallic gold underpainting .  During  the tour with the view from  my plein-air set up, I started with an initial thin layer of transparent darks. Working forward, the final layers were painted in with opaque  hues to represent the light versus the shadows.

Ending with the path, as if walking into a secret garden, I painted in the warmer tones.

There’s even a hidden hummingbird. Can you find it?