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Cherry Sweig

     Watch as this series developed!!!



“La Bastide” refers to the medieval fortresses of the 15th century in southern France... For my second painting, I have chosen Cordes Sur Ciel, depicted in the clouds with fields of sunflowers...

6/29/09 “I am so inspired to paint these images- as I have been to this region of France many times-

7/1/09   Carcassonne....rumor has it: this grand bastide inspired Disney to create his famous castle...its located a few hours drive east of Toulouse...and an hour or so north of Spain.......early morning painting in the studio--- laying in rich thin layers of dark pigments for shape and line...

The Eiffel Tower, a Parisian  cafe, and two bastides! Carcassonne & Cordes sur ciel....

... and “c’est fini!!”  TEN oil paintings....ready to hang and enjoy!

“Bon Apetit!”

All ten artworks were inspired from my actual travels to bastides in Southern france, Carcassonne and Cordes sur Ciel...

..and PARIS!!

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