Cherry Sweig
 Oils Plein Air Materials List:


     Backpack: Plan for everything to fit inside, or carry one item such as the tripod    


     Pochade Box & accessories

              I use EasyL with a sheet of glass glued to the inside for palette mixing area.

   LIGHT WEIGHT OPTION: Foamcore Portfolio w/ Board attachment *

                                             Palette: handheld wooden or disposable sheets

                                                       or: Plastic clipboard box**

         Tripod : make sure it is sturdy, easy to use and reliable. ALL metal.

Rolling Cart  Only if I plan to walk far and have room.

                                 I use the metal luggage kind. Look for sturdy wheels.

       Umbrella EasyL has the best, because of the tether for wind.

          Duct Tape, clamps, velcro: It has saved the day…

For SKETCHING: / thumbnail planning/sketching/notes

                                 (keep these items together in one easy to find pouch)

  Sketchbook:  small: @5x7” or 5 x 8.5”

  Pencil, Eraser, sharpener Value markers, Black sharpie, black fine point pen

  Color mixing guide: a TEST CHART of all the paints

  Viewfinder or empty slide carrier

  Small mirror, @ 4” square


  Paints/Tubes in plastic protective container/ pickle jar with TSA instructions

                                    LABEL THIS: ARTIST”S COLORS- see TSA requirements.

  Brushes/palette knifes in protective carrier

            A word about brushes: For oils, I prefer brushes by the specific tasks and what I have become comfortable using. You will get a lot of miles out of them if you take extra care with cleaning & storing.

           Filberts are somewhat like using a flat and a round all in one.

           Flats are great for plein air work to lay down fresh applications of paint.

           You can get lost in the maze of brush types, so try to keep it simple and    buy a medium grade quality.  sizes: 3, 6, 10, 12, 14:

           I also use a fine rigger for detail work and a rubber shaper tool.

  Mediums in protective carrierwalnut oil and a ‘dryer’ 

    Medium container with lid & hanger

     Canvases: 6x 6”  8 x 8”, 8 x 10”, or 9x 12” (your choice)

                        Pre-cut loose sheets of single primed Belgium Linen with:

  Pre-cut sheets of wax paper to place between wet paintings

       For canvas boards: RAYMAR single primed Belgium Linen

  Paint scraper/ razor blade for glass

My Paint Palette:

I lay out my paint in the same place each time, by opaque/transparent & cool/warm.  I will show placement at demo. These are my recommended colors by Winsor Newton, Artists’ Oil Color Series.  I also use Gamblin and Sennelier.

(Most professional brands are interchangeable)

  Titanium White:  for cool and warm side

      Buy the WHITE FAST DRYING really helps with traveling.

EasyL : Kevin Macpherson’s Travel Kit with SHELF...

Note: This list is UNIQUE for my next trip to France, April/May 2012   SAVE room for my handmade blank travel journal: 5 x 8”


Composition of Outdoor Painting, Edgar A. Payne

ALLA PRIMA, Richard Schmid

Carlson’s Guide to Landscape Painting, John F. Carlson

Landscape Painting Inside & Out,  Kevin D. Macpherson

The Painterly Approach, Bob Rohm

Suggested Suppliers & Brands

Artwork Essentials (EasyL), Raymar Canvas’ & Carriers, GAMBLIN Utrecht, Cheap Joes, Daniels Smith, Winsor Newton, Sennelier.

Artists I have studied with: Richard Scmid, Quang Ho, Sherry McGraw, Daniel Gerhartz, Kenn Backhus, John Budicin, Darrell Hill, George Strickland, Michael Obermeyer & Jeff Horn.

Artists that inspire:  Claude Monet*, John Singer Sargent,

George Inness. Vincent Van Gogh*, Michelangelo Buonarroti*, Paul Cezanne*, Toulouse Lautrec* and     Leonardo Da Vinci.*

*I mention these names since they have had more than a textbook influence on my work: I have traveled to France & Italy to paint in their home/museums, allowing me to gain a true insight into their art and life.

Lightest set-up with tripod board mount and handheld plastic palette, and loose canvas taped to a foam core board.....


    Cad Red

  Cad Orange

  Cad Yellow Med

  Cad Yellow


  Burnt Sienna

    Indian Yellow

  Sap Green


    Cobait Blue,

Cerulean Blue,

  Cad Yel Lemon


French Ult. Mar Blue

  Alizarin Crimson

Perm Rose


    Welcome to my painting workshops! This list of materials is a practical guide for you to consider. Your choice of what brushes, paints, canvas, etc. is a personal decision and I cannot stress enough the importance of experimentation.  While it’s a challenge, explore just the right equipment that suits your needs. It does not have to be expensive, as you will see I frequently build my own gear or use recycled products to perform a new function.  MOST of all, simplify when you can and be inspired to paint!!

It comes with a side palette, too.

Raymar panel holder.. 6 x8” carries 12.

From Office Depot: a clipboard that holds loose canvas art in-between wax paper.

Clips, clamp, hook, rubber shaper tool, scrapper, brushes, palette knives, barrier creme, nitrile gloves, pantene shampoo& conditioner, duct tape, plastic disposable medium cups...

Painting last June on Rue Claude Giverny.

This 8 x 10” loose canvas oil sold ‘off my easel’ to the owner of this wonderful cottage.

Watercolors Materials List... click hereWatercolors_Materials_LIST.html


     VIVA Paper towels & Bungee

     Gloves (Home Depot: NITRILE, blue) 

     Barrier Cream


for Brushes:

   ‘Pantene Shampoo/Conditioner in One‘        Walnut Oil


          Chair  (OPTIONAL)

          Wet canvas carrier: RAYMAR


     Misc: first aid, lip-saver, sunscreen

     Collapsable Hat       Camera           Ipod/phone

     snacks/nuts/fruit    Chocolate!WATER: Drinking