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+PERU: Journal

 Spain: Barcelona / Costa Brava  2008Spain_TPB.html


Santorini, GREECE...painting from my outdoor art studio--     The Millhouse in OIA...

     Travels abroad become more than memories in my journals that I call, ‘paintbooks’.                          They were painted from cafe’s, rooftops, airplanes, buses, boats, trains...                                     even leaning on a castle’s rock-wall and from a wheelchair. Click on images to see each of the paintbooks.. .and read written journals...there’s FIFTEEN books in the works....                                                                                                                                                   

Egypt 1995: Page 1 of 5                         of my written journal:

MET 1984: Photo Journal...MET_84.html

Venice/Paris 2003

Germany/Paris 2001

The Bishop’s School, Dr Otto Mower’s Art History tour of 12 countries AND Egypt, 1984... which one is me?

Peru 2009  Peru09.html
GREECE: Athens/Aegean Sea/Corfu 2005  . 2006 .  2007 . 2009Greece_TPB.html
So. France:  Pays Cathare , Limoux                               2004 .2006 . 2008 . 2010Spain_%26_So_France_08.Journal.html

Coming asap....

Canada 2009

 Italy . Sicily/ Amalfi Coast/Capri/ Naples  .  2010Italy_TPB.html
 Paris: . 2010Paris_TPB.html
 Peru . 2009wSo_France.html

South Africa  . 2007

California Coast 22 . 2010

Chula Vista Nature Center  .2010

Mower European Tour .1984

Egypt  . 1995

AND Coming as fast as I can download the images:

Italy . Milan/ Sicily/ Malta  .  2000

Italy . Venice / Florence / Sienna / Rome  .  2006

NEW!!!                          The Blue Button                     Travel Story...                 Click on this image                         to read how I overcame             an injury while traveling...The_Blue_Button.html

My work is dedicated to traveling as an artist and  capturing the ‘sense’ of a place...                          some places were so inspirational,  I have returned again and again. You’ll be inspired to go, too.

COMING SOON: Paintbooks for YOU! with Travel Itineraries & Art Instruction: ready for YOUR next trip!