Travel as an Artist in Spain...
Cherry Sweig

"WHY is the imagery so enchanting in Spain?”

April 29-  May 6, 2018 Instructor: Cherry Sweig                                              

Cadeques, Plein Air watercolor

Bario Gotic, Barcelona

Cadeques, Oil

      FREE -  PRE-TRIP Art Instruction

...for every participant signed up before OCTOBER 30, 2017    Call my studio:  619-871-7162   to reserve your space...Private, one-to-one sessions...practice and learn, before you travel, how to paint on location with the most efficient gear and art supplies.  Pre-trip art materials will be mailed to you when you sign up.

When I’m traveling and painting abroad, I keep a painted sketchbook, a ‘paintbook’ at my side.  It becomes an essential tool that I use to compose a larger painting. There is so much to see and simplify in your mind as you start a painting ‘en plein air’.    This technique will help you to visualize and plan to capture the amazing sites in Spain.  PLUS, it becomes a unique memoir of your experience, traveling as an artist.

From this, you can see the process to the larger artworks... I also write down my thoughts about the day, the people, the mood... its a fun way to simplify a very busy scene.

    We will explore this question in an innovative way of seeing Spain using multi-media ‘Paintbooks”.   The unique colors and textures of the Spanish Catalan culture will come to life on the blank page using watercolors, colored pencils and special-effect collages.   You will return home with a fantastic collection of imagery that can be translated into larger artworks or inspire any artistic endeavor such as painting, sculpture, jewelry making, mosaics, abstracts...its endless!  

    We will also be focusing on traveling LIGHTWEIGHT.  Leave heavy luggage at home and enjoy the freedom of  smart packing.  This workshop is for ALL levels and those who would simply like to learn to “travel as an artist".  

See the world in a whole new way!!!

In 2008, I rented a car and drove from Barcelona to the French border and stopped along the way to paint breathless seascapes, Salvador Dali’s home at Port Ligat and the charming fishing village of Cadeques. 

Spain won my heart in’s a treasure of color, culture and themes for the traveling artist.
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The view from our hotel in Calella de Palafrugell...


“Special Effects Memoires”