Cherry Sweig
“Art Journeys” Workshops  2015-16

La Jolla

Featuring ‘Watercolor ’ Plein Air & Studio Techniques

TBA:  2015

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Chase the Light, in France:

A Plein-air Watercolors/Art Journal Retreat in the Pyrenees at  

    June 9- 19, 2016

    Imagine waking up in a serene French villa, hearing the village church bells and opening your eyes to the perfect painting garden or the charming rooftops just outside your window.  This is Bellemaison.     An art retreat for those who have dreamed to explore  where the French  Impressionists such as  Van Gogh and Cezanne chased  the light until sunset.

Ore, Haute-Garonne,                               60 miles south of Toulouse

in California: