Kennedy Gallery,

Grand Cayman

Cherry Sweig

24 x 24”

8 x 20” Double Floral imprint

24 x 36”

18 x 36 ”

8 x 16” Single Flower imprint

  ....These work well as sets: multiples  of the same size, but with different flower combinations your clients could can mix and match this:

@ 8 x 10”

A)  GYOTAKU:  Floral

Ginger, Birds of Paradise,

and Cayman  species... These are all original artworks, on hand-made rice-paper, ready-to-frame with matt, glass & traditional moulding, just as I have sent to your gallery since 1993.

A-1    8 x 16”

A-2    8 x 20"

A-3    24x 24"

A-4    18 x 36”

A-5    24 x 36”(add  20% for colored background)

A-6    24 x 48”                              


B) GYOTAKU: Dragonfly, “Flora & Flight”

   Images of the natural world are echoed into fine art through this original art technique:

  Oil paint is applied to both sides of actual wings of dragonflies and flowers in multi-levels of color with silk daubers.

  The subjects are placed between two sheets of water-soaked 100% cotton rag paper. Various layers of the art paper, felt, wax paper and a wooden base make up a hand-made “Stomp Press”.

  Imprints are made by carefully stepping on the press. The results are two artworks, mirror images...and an relief/embossed effect from the weight on the press.   Its a REAL conversation piece!

   ... Ready to frame.... Flexible sizes available: Use this a s guide:

B-1  8 x 10"...   One Dragonfly + floral background

B-2 11 x 14".... Two Dragonflies (or more Florals + floral  background

F) Canvas Scrolls: Oils or Acrylics What a great idea for your clientele- as they would ship so easily!  Rolled up ...your tourist clients could take them home in their luggage...and its an original oil, which is more valuable over time- also available in Acrylics...


Here's a sampling of what I have in the studio...

I could customize for your Cayman imagery even more- and also create in the GYOTAKU technique. 

They are painted on high quality mural/style canvas with a silk fabric cord for hanging and a wooden rod inset at the bottom for balance and weight.

(I’ve considered adding Murano Glass beads...)


Sizes can be flexible

F-1   7 x 20”

F-2   9 x 30”

F-3   12 x 36”

F-4   12 x 48”

Oil:  12 x 48”

9 x 30”

7 x 20”


Sizes can be flexible

G-1   7 x 20”

G-2   9 x 30”

G-3   12 x 36”

G-4   12 x 48”

Gyotaku: 12 x 36”

Limited Editions...  From the best of my artworks...Choose from 4  themes ....   click on imagesLimited_Editions.html